Praise, Reviews and Such

“PAR-TAY with vegetables?!?! Who would have thought about the two in the same breath? Now the last mentioned may become the first to disappear from those plates—with a wiggle or two. Greenfield and Tate create veggie fun.”

– Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel is the Training Director, Division of Psychology and Senior Associate in Psychology at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Here’s some fantasy story telling that gives an informative, fun and uplifting look highlighting the importance of vegetables in our diet. A fruit/vegetable discussion increases understandings and further educates about food.”

– Dr. Rich Bonanno is Associate Dean in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University and Director of the NC Cooperative Extension Service.

“Beloved Eloise Greenfield’s rhythm and rhyme sings in this sweet tale that swings with the movement and cool of Tate’s acclaimed colorful art … and magic lives in the pages as veggies come to life when the family is away.“

– Kelly Starling Lyons writes books for children focused on aspects of African American history and culture. NEATE: Eddie’s Ordeal, One Million Men and Me, Hope’s Gift, Teacakes for Tosh and Ellen’s Broom.

“Bringing veggies to life and tossing them into a wild party is my kind of food fun! And love the fruit facts that add the right amount of information.”

– Daniel Minter illustrates award-winning books for children. Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World about Kindness, Ellen’s Broom, Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story and The Riches of Oseola McCarty. Daniel serves on artistic boards and teaches at the Maine College of Art.